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Wholesale Buyers    Date: 17/11/2018
Egyptian Crafts

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The Egyptian Shop is a purveyor of personalised Egyptian hieroglyphic cartouche jewellery since the year 2000.The design of these beautiful, hand-made pendants is more than 5000 years old! Worn in those days only by royalty, the Cartouche ('Kartoosh') was both a symbol of its wearer's importance and a charm against ill-fortune. The Pharaoh's name was enclosed in an oval ring, signifying a circle of protection against evil, both in this world and the next.

Our artisans and craftsmen in Egypt will recreate this elegant design in 18k gold and personalise it just for you, with your unique name of choice spelled out in hieroglyphic symbols. Your link with history and its magic - your own name enclosed in its protective circle of gold. A future heirloom for you and your family to treasure!

Your guarantee of quality: Only genuine gold and Egyptian silver cartouches carry a hallmark from the Egyptian government. All jewellers should send their cartouches to be stamped in this way. This mark is your guarantee of metal purity. Silver cartouches have the number 800 written on them in Arabic (which looks like an upside down "V" followed by two dots). Gold cartouches have the number 18 written on them in Arabic (a number 1 followed by an upside-down "V").

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Silver Cartouche pendant with your name
Our Price: £31.78
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Solid 18K Gold
Our Price: £149.90
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