Cairo vacation apartment
Cairo vacation apartment

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Rules and Customs

Unlike the package tours on offer, by coming to stay in our private apartment you will benefit uniquely from close contact with genuine locals in natural surroundings. Egyptian people are warm, gregarious and especially ready to extend the hand of friendship to foreigners. Egypt, being a predominantly Moslem country, has its own set of complex customs. To help you acclimatise we suggest you take on board the following recommended guidelines as well as our special house rules that (apart from the No Smoking rule, which breaks with Egyptian tradition!) are a consequence of the location of this unique apartment within the grounds of an Egyptian family home.

House rules

  • For the benefit of our other guests we kindly request that you do not smoke inside the apartment.
  • You are welcome to consume alcohol within your apartment but please be discreet whilst in the common areas.
  • Guests will be permitted onto the premises with prior permission.

Other suggestions

  • Males and females may feel more comfortable dressing to cover their shoulders, tummy and thighs.
  • Women should not be offended if an Egyptian man directs his conversation to her husband. This is a sign of respect for you both.
  • Unless you are in a hurry you can accept offers of refreshments (and a refusal may not be permitted!) You will not be under any obligation in doing so.

Health and safety

  • Egypt has a low rate of violent crime / mugging / burglary. Passers by will always take the time to stop and assist someone in need as well as the tourist police, whose job it is to assist even with the mildest of offences.
  • The drinking water in Egypt is considered safe but the germs you are exposed to here are different from those you are used to and some visitors do get mild tummy bugs. Although you may wash with tap water and clean your teeth with it, as well as use it for cooking, we suggest you drink bottled, sealed, mineral water during your visit.