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Wholesale Buyers    Date: 14/11/2018
Egyptian Crafts - Wholesale Buyers

The Egyptian Shop sells goods to retail outlets, mail/web order companies and other bulk purchasers around the world. We have regular clients based in the United Kingdom and Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. We welcome clients from other regions.

By opening an Egyptian Shop Wholesale Client Account not only will you be able to order from us at substantial discount to our retail prices but you will also have access to more products that are NOT available in our retail catalogue, such as value packs of scarves, papyrus and silver and statuettes.

Any retail company or any individual organising a wedding, "hafla" or other big event may purchase from us at discounted rates. Open an account and request wholesale buyer status to see prices and terms.

Please select "Open an Account" from the left hand margin (under "Customer Login") and fill in the form. We will review your entry and advise you when your account has been upgraded to a wholesale buyer account so you can see wholesale prices. By opening an account you will be kept informed of our news and special promotions.

Wholesalers (those selling to trade clients) should give further details so we can offer special rates.

If you are not based in the UK we will send your goods directly from Egypt. The prices of goods are even more discounted for you as we haven't had to ship goods to the UK or pay storage! You will have access to different products, some unavailable from our UK store. Goods are sent from Egypt by Express Mail Service and we are not required to fill out a customs form. Depending on your country you may therefore not be required to pay tax on arrival!

UK-based clients are also welcome to purchase directly from Egypt. The cost of your order will usually be less if you buy in this way and should be of interest if you buy Belly Dancing, Silver or Papyrus items from us. To apply as an "overseas" client we will need you to register again using a different email address from the one you have used to register as a "wholesale" client.

We do not currently print a catalogue but can offer you access to wholesale prices through our website.

If you prefer to use a printed catalogue please fill in your details below anyway but tell us your preference in the comments field. We may well be able to make a printable catalogue available in the near future.

If you have any difficulty using this form, please email us and we will respond to you personally.

Special note about prices: Some items, such as perfume bottle sets, belly dance costumes, gold items, are showing retail prices on the section page but reduced prices on the detailed product page for wholesale buyers. This is due to limitations of the system we are using. The wholesale prices shown on the detailed product page are the correct ones and the ones that you are being charged!

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